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Improve Risk Adjustment Performance with RiskWell

Make the most of risk adjustment visits and drive more members to appropriate follow up care.

The RiskWell Solution

Make the most of risk adjustment visits—whether in the office or at home, by
ReferWell Telehealth or another virtual platform. Update HCC codes to increase
member reimbursement. Plus, book specialist appointments right at the visit for better member follow-through, and document the follow-up care received for CMS.

The value each of additional HCC coding is upwards of $1,500 per member for the plan.

Benefits of Optimizing HRAs with RiskWell

Increased Revenue for the Plan

Plans need to get and maintain appropriate coding for all members. RiskWell increases the revenue yield by getting more members assessed in each plan period.

Appropriate Care for the Member

In addition to improving the coding of members’ conditions, plans need to show that those “riskier” members are getting the appropriate level of care. RiskWell documents that behavior for the plan.

More Visits to Appropriate Providers

Members are 60+% more likely to visit when booked at the point of care via RiskWell, generating more opportunities to match coding appropriately to the member’s condition.

More Care Coordination

Specialists close the loop at a rate double the national average using RiskWell, allowing PCPs to ensure new conditions are captured appropriately in the risk scoring.

Network visibility

More Visibility

The plan can be notified immediately of high-cost or complex cases, ensuring both that they’re coded appropriately but also ensuring that proper care is provided.

Get More From HRAs and Provide Better Follow-Up Care Now

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