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Automate Transitions of Care for Better Referral Management

A Virtually Integrated Network that streamlines care transitions, reduces leakage and improves care coordination.

Facilitate value-based care through the “last mile.”

The ReferWell solution empowers provider networks to guide patient and member care transitions and gain full visibility into all patient and provider behaviors.

Beyond Traditional Referral Management

Advanced Provider Search

Prioritize search results to refer to the highest quality, lowest-cost providers. Filter on criteria that matter to you, including availability (in person or virtual), response time, location, insurance, subspecialty and language.

Clinical Decision Support

ReferWell lets the provider drive the referral decision with tools that make the choice more efficient.

Appointment Scheduling

See which specialists have availability for face-to-face or telehealth appointments and book the referral visit at the point of care.

Appointment Reminders

Automatically send appointment confirmations and reminders by text and/or email based on preference.


Providers can request an eConsult to get advice from top specialists in their field to help determine the need to refer.

Integrated Telehealth

Book and host virtual appointments using either the integrated telehealth capabilities or your existing telehealth provider.

Operational Support

ReferWell’s Operations Team monitors and ensures provider engagement, plus answers any provider questions or issues in real time.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

ReferWell captures patient feedback to help providers quickly react to any patient dissatisfaction and improve performance.

HIPAA-Compliant Solution

All data is encrypted at rest and in flight so providers communicate clinical information electronically across EMRs in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

Benefits That Impact Your Bottom Line

Increase Patient Show Rate

Booking at the point of care increases patient show rate by 60% or more.

Drive Network Performance

With 100% network visibility, you can direct members to the highest-quality, lowest-cost, most-appropriate providers.

Reduce Patient Leakage

Keep referrals in-network to reduce patient leakage by 57% and increase downstream revenue.

Impact Patient Experience

When you take the burden of finding care off the patient, you improve patient satisfaction and member retention.

Closed Loop Referrals

Providers close the loop 85% of the time, more than double the national average.

Improve Care Coordination

Clinical information is shared 100% of the time, more than double the national average.

Drives Provider Adoption

ReferWell drives provider adoption by deploying a single platform to manage all care transitions.

Integrate into Existing Workflow

ReferWell fits seamlessly into the providers’ existing workflows and provides interoperability of data between different EMR systems.

Reduce Patient Leakage by 57%

See how a major metropolitan hospital system used ReferWell to reduce leakage by 57% and increase revenue.