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We leverage the referable moment to transform, simplify and integrate healthcare delivery so more people get the care they need.

Our Story

It’s easy for patients, providers and plans to name the obstacles they face when searching for, receiving and providing care.

Data is dirty. Scheduling is a burden. Show rate is low. Information is siloed. Reporting is obscure. At ReferWell, that’s what we solve.

We help health plans and health care providers leverage the referable momentSM to improve access to care, increase quality, manage value and help more people get on, and stay on, their healthcare journey.

Intervening at the referable moment — the point in time when a person is most ready to take action to improve their health — is critical to streamlining and integrating care delivery. By leveraging that moment, ReferWell’s intuitive technology platform and a skilled service team create the award-winning tech-enabled service product that is ReferWell.

Download The Definitive Guide to Leveraging the Referable Moment here.

Our Values

Interoperability is a requirement — not a choice.

Digital health technology must integrate with all of the many EMRs on the market. Sharing clinical data and provider schedules seamlessly between systems is a prerequisite for leveraging the referable moment.

Providers need tools to guide patient decision making.

Studies show that despite the proliferation of consumer health tools, patients look to their doctors for guidance on care decisions more than 90% of the time. This includes decisions on referral and care gap appointments.

Partnerships create the best health outcomes.

ReferWell’s partners leverage our ability to intervene at the referable moment to schedule appointments and add to their value propositions by getting members to take the action they need.

Healthcare will always have a human component.

We support our technology with a hands-on Operations team to ensure that health plans and health care providers, and in turn their patients and members, receive a personalized experience.

The best decisions are made with data.

Too often, health care professionals lack visibility into what is happening within or across their network. We provide real-time data to guide decision making at the provider, facility, network and health plan level.

Patients are people.

We believe that every successful care transition can empower early disease detection, reduced complications and hospital visits and a better quality of life for patients. We hope that translates to more time spent with friends and loved ones.

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