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South Carolina Telehealth Alliance Partners with ReferWell to Expand Access to Specialist-Informed Care Through South Carolina eConsult

Through virtual, provider-to-provider consultations with a wide range of specialists, the two companies are joining forces to ensure South Carolinians have access to quality health care no matter where they reside

CHARLESTON, S.C. and STAMFORD, Conn., October 20, 2021 — South Carolina Telehealth Alliance (SCTA), in partnership with ReferWell, a fast-growing health technology company driving efficient care transitions through the last mile, today announced the launch of South Carolina eConsult, an initiative that aims to improve South Carolinians’ health outcomes, no matter where they live, by helping the residents and their physicians access specialist-informed care.

Through ReferWell’s EMR-agnostic platform, providers at health centers and group practices across the state can request asynchronous virtual consultations with experts in several specialties to determine the appropriate next step in their patient’s care journey—improving the quality of care and making it easier for patients to access the care they need with less effort.

“We are thrilled to offer local physicians a free tool to get quick, expert guidance to solve cases and avoid unnecessary patient visits without their staff spending time on the phone,” said Dr. James McElligott, SCTA Advisory Council co-chair.

In the initial phase of the South Carolina eConsult program, eConsults are available in the specialties of neurology, endocrinology, rheumatology, hematology, and clinical genetics. Future plans include adding other specialties and partnering with health systems across the state.

“This South Carolina eConsult initiative represents a huge opportunity for patients in rural and underserved areas of South Carolina to receive care guidance from top specialists whom they would otherwise not be able to see in person, and to access specialist-informed care without the need to travel far or incur extra bills,” added Dr. McElligott.

SCTA is making the ReferWell platform available to South Carolina providers free of charge because the organization believes that everyone wins by giving physicians the tools to improve access to care. This expanded access will improve outcomes, optimize the patient experience, increase efficiency, and reduce total cost of care.

If you represent a health center or provider group and would like to learn more about South Carolina eConsult through SCTA, click here to request a profile or contact Sonya Frankowski at sonya@sctelehealth.org.

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About SCTA:
South Carolina Telehealth Alliance (SCTA) is a collaboration of health systems, primary and specialty care providers, state agencies, and other shared-mission support organizations that work together to improve the lives of all South Carolinians through telehealth. In recognition of this collaboration, the American Telemedicine Association awarded the SCTA its President’s Award for Transformation of Healthcare Delivery in 2019. The SCTA includes close to 600 connected care sites throughout the state and is administratively headquartered at the MUSC Center for Telehealth, one of only two Telehealth Centers of Excellence in the nation.

About ReferWell:
ReferWell is a New York-area health technology company driving efficient care transitions through the last mile. With our unique blend of EMR-agnostic software and service, ReferWell doubles the effectiveness of the referable momentSM to get more people to preventive care and specialist visits. Our payer and provider clients raise revenue by reducing leakage, improving Star ratings and improving risk adjustment performance.

We specialize in optimized provider search; appointment scheduling that increases compliance; simple loop closure and reporting on patient and provider behaviors. We support simple, integrated health care delivery for payers and provider networks covering more than 5 million members.



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