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Proactively treat lapsed patients.

Identify and schedule appointments for at-risk patients who have delayed health care during COVID-19.


Health care payers and provider networks may proactively connect with and schedule in-person or virtual visits with members who defer necessary medical care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Reach your most at-risk members with the highest cost of care to schedule missed prenatal visits and appointments for COPD and other chronic care management as we adjust to this new normal in health care.

How it Works

  • The solution triages members based on an assessment of their chronic conditions, care needs and provider availability to determine who needs urgent care.

  • Care Navigators (yours or ours) call members and book lapsed appointments, either in-person or remote visits, reducing backlog and preventing future ED visits.

  • Providers can work efficiently at Top of License and patient access improves. More than 70% of referrals receive consult notes back, providing the necessary follow up and ensuring continuity of care.

Booking the patient appointment at the point of call increases patient compliance by >60%.

Results based on a ReferWell case study.

Solution Benefits

Close Critical Care Gaps First

Member care is targeted to lapsed patients with the most critical care needs.

member care

Improve Patient Access

Patients receive medical care they have put off during COVID either in-person or by telehealth, depending on their needs and comfort level.

Reduce ED Visits

When more patients receive the care they need, fewer patient visit the ED and you spend less per patient.

Network visibility

Better Network Visibility

Payers get full visibility to all member and provider actions, including consult notes back to the PCP so gap closure is documented and auditable.

Care Navigation/
Operational Support

As needed, ReferWell’s care navigators schedule lapsed appointments and follow up to ensure loop closure.

Real-Time Alerts & Analytics

Providers get notified of any clinical needs and follow up actions required and receive real time, easy-to-export reports.

Start improving care transitions for your most at-risk patients.

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