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Insightin Health and ReferWell Partner to Help Payers Close More Care Gaps

STAMFORD, Conn. and BALTIMORE, February 28, 2020 — Insightin Health, an AI-driven data analytics and activation solution for payers to address personalized interactions for member acquisition, retention, and engagement in real time, and ReferWell, a full-service referral management solution, have announced a strategic partnership.  Their integrated offering will provide payers with a full service, end-to-end solution to close care gaps with the end goal of improving members’ health.

The Insightin Health inGAGETM platform allows payers to understand what quality measures need to be addressed, identify member care gaps, and benefit from data insights about member and provider behavior.

Upon identifying that a member has a care gap, the integrated ReferWell capability allows providers or care managers (whether provided by the plan or by ReferWell) to find the right specialist for the patient and book that care gap closure appointment “right then and there” with the member, either at the point of care or on the first call.   ReferWell’s system also generates a series of appointment reminders that serve to increase patient compliance and communicates status updates to inGAGETM.  Lastly, ReferWell’s HIPAA secure, EMR agnostic platform easily facilitates the sharing of clinical notes from the specialist to the PCP, thereby enhancing care coordination across the plan.

The integrated inGAGETM platform identifies the members with care gaps, provides insights into the best way to close that care gap, and provides the tools needed to schedule the appropriate appointment(s) for the member.  The data about the status and results of the care gap will be reflected in the dashboard in real time, allowing payers to leverage the instant feedback to eliminate duplicate work and minimize member abrasion caused by “competing callers” that often occur today because so many departments are in contact with members.

“The beauty of this solution is that it can be used by providers, care managers employed by the plan, or third parties,” says Derek Baehre, Chief Revenue Officer of Insightin Health.  “The plan can set it up so providers are the ones leveraging the platform to schedule members needing care gaps and incentivize those providers and members, with real dollars in real-time, based on their ability to close care gaps.  Alternatively, the plan can employ care navigators who leverage the platform to engage with the members, or some combination of the two.”

“Data has always been extremely valuable to health plans, but being able to take immediate action on that data and have a real-time feedback loop takes that value to a whole new level,” says Vytas Kisielius, CEO of ReferWell.

By sharing this valuable information with each other, providers and health plan care managers can work together to effect care gap closures that improve health outcomes for members, facilitate quality care for providers, and reduce costs for health plans.

“We are excited about this partnership because the synergies created between our two companies creates additional value for our payer clients, and ultimately their members,” says Enam Noor, CEO of Insightin Health.

About Insightin Health

Insightin Health is the industry’s only single platform which provides a complete personalized member engagement for each step of the health care journey. The core platform combines medical, clinical, cognitive, and social determinants of health to recommend the Next Best Action (NBA) for each person. Health plans can improve quality measurements, gain higher member satisfaction, and increase member retention. The simple integration and easy to use platform creates an effective shift towards a healthier population for the health plans.  For more information, visit http://insightinhealth.com.

About ReferWell

ReferWell connects providers into Virtually Integrated Networks that optimize care transitions. We help you drive the patient journey through the last mile with complete visibility into all interactions — so providers and payers can close the loop efficiently.

With our system, you’ll direct patients toward the highest-quality providers, increase patient compliance, reduce leakage and close more care gaps. Clients raise revenue by increasing keepage, improving Star ratings and getting more members’ HCC coding updated. Our comprehensive suite of services connects to all your EMRs for streamlined referrals, point-of-care appointment scheduling and care team support, including provider directory management, eConsult and telehealth capabilities.


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