Why ReferWell?

ReferWell combines four key capabilities into one impactful digital health solution.

Finding and scheduling care is frustrating for everyone involved. 

From the challenge of finding a new provider to scheduling appointments to sharing information between doctors — beneficiaries are having trouble getting needed care.

ReferWell is tackling that problem end-to-end and is the only digital health company combining four areas of expertise to lead healthcare at the referable moment.

ReferWell’s Curated Network

Databases and online directories are great, until you need to use one, and that’s where most solutions end.

ReferWell starts where the others end. On top of marrying 3 sources of data (each a source of truth in their own right), ReferWell takes the step of leveraging real people to call practices and verbally verify provider data.  Further, each time we follow up on an appointment or to ensure the clinical notes are shared, we ask about any changes.  (FYI, Dr. Vacationaholic is off during the month of April and his appointments will be covered by Dr. Workaholic.)

Ongoing Verbal Verification = the most accurate provider directory you can find.

ReferWell’s Perfect MatchSM

All of that cleansed and curated provider directory data is the foundation for a provider search. Filtered and sorted on no less than 12 different factors, we call this unique ability to pair the unique member need with the right provider the Perfect Match.
(Seems appropriate, right?)

Does a member need a nearby, in-network PCP following a move to a new city? Got it! Need a trusted community-based organization to help with food assistance? It’s in there!

Search results display in the order that the health plan wants, so preferred providers are always at the top.

Bright Spots in Healthcare

Medicare and Medicaid plans are advancing health equity by enabling timely access to care and simplifying appointment scheduling for member populations that disproportionately face barriers to achieving their best health outcomes.

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A Digital Health Solution Advancing Health Equity and Providing Timely Access to Care

robust provider directories

Robust Provider Directories

A good directory is not simply a clean list of providers or agencies who have contracted with the health plan. It is a robust database of searchable information that supports advancing health equity — such as the languages spoken in provider practices. When health plans make it easier for members to communicate with doctors in their preferred language, members understand their care plans and have better outcomes.

SDoH referral benefits

Care Includes SDoH Referrals

Plans that broaden the definition of care are addressing health disparities faster. Care must include access to not just medical appointments, but also the additional services that address the barriers to equitable healthcare, such as transportation assistance, nutritional counseling and easy access to mental health or other behavioral health services to name a few.

appointment scheduling

Appointment Scheduling That Delights

Innovative plans do not simply make these social services available; they’re putting health equity into action by helping members get scheduled and go. Care navigators reach out to beneficiaries and find them the Perfect MatchSM, removing the burden of searching for doctors and agencies and getting them to appointments faster and get engaged in a care plan that suits their unique needs.

Care navigator discusses empathy in health equity

Empathy in Health Equity & Access

Jada Creer, ReferWell care navigator, talks about building trust and the role of empathy in her team’s member outreach.

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