Solving for Access: How Decision Point and ReferWell Joined Forces to Impact Access to Care

Taking insight to action, ReferWell is enabled to take a data-driven approach to patient engagement and access, getting incremental appointments set and gaps in care closed.


Decision Point identified the member cohort highest risk for access.

ReferWell reached out to 13,383 members 2 times within 30 days


ReferWell scheduled 331 appointments in 31 days


ReferWell scheduled appointments with an 84% show rate for APE and a 75% show rate for BCS

CASE STUDY: BCBS Impacts 10x More Care Gaps for Colorectal & Breast Cancer Screening with ReferWell’s Care Navigation & Scheduling

This study included: 

  • Scheduling colonoscopies and mammograms, and coordinating services such as provider communication and appointment reminders 
  • Recording members with previous care gap appointments for the plan 
  • Sending stool screening tests (FIT kits) to members’ homes 

ReferWell care navigators called members and attempted to schedule them for a colonoscopy, mammogram or both and, if needed, offering to schedule appointments with a convenient, in-network provider while on the phone with the member. Just one month into the engagement, ReferWell far surpassed the goals set by the health plan. The following graphic shows ReferWell’s success compared to the metrics that the health plan selected as KPIs.

PRESS RELEASE: ReferWell and Decision Point Announce Joint Solution to Improve Access to Care

ReferWell, the digital health company focused on leveraging the referable moment to find and schedule patient care, and Decision Point, the leading member engagement predictive analytics company, have announced a strategic partnership to help health plans improve members’ access to care.

Decision Point’s unique data-driven targeting solution identifies health plan members that are the greatest source of opportunity for plans to influence Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers; Systems (CAHPS) scores. By activating the integration between ReferWell’s proprietary provider search and scheduling technology and their unique care concierge service with Decision Point’s robust member identification analytics, plans can drastically improve access to care.

Health plans taking advantage of Decision Point and ReferWell’s member experience integration are able to identify the most at-risk populations for access and then engage those members to schedule them for visits immediately. This provides a differentiator for plans working to solve for one of the hardest to move CAHPS measure sets, Access to Care.

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CASE STUDY: Improve CAHPS by Scheduling Annual Wellness Visits

Participating in an Annual Wellness Visit has been proven to enhance member satisfaction with their plan. This case study will provide insight into how a major health plan catering to Medicare Advantage and dual-eligible members has implemented this process.

  • Improve CAHPS scores by enhancing member experience with appointment scheduling as a strategy
  • Outreach to an incredible 12,000 members 3x each within 30 days
  • Advanced health equity with an impact 62% above the benchmark in the most vulnerable ADI zones

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Putting Health Equity Into Action

Many health plans are already advancing health equity by offering their members resources to address social, economic and cultural barriers to care. To get members to use these resources – payers must help beneficiaries leverage these resources in a different way.

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