Refresh with ReferWell

Join our engaging monthly education series tailored to meet the diverse needs of the ReferWell user community.

At ReferWell, we are committed to providing our clients with resources that enhance their experience and expertise. We are excited to introduce our Refresh with ReferWell monthly education series, designed exclusively for you!

What is Refresh with ReferWell? It is an engaging monthly education series tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, these sessions are crafted to help you:

  1. Establish a Community Network: Connect with fellow ReferWell users, building a strong community network that fosters collaboration and shared insights.
  2. Become a Platform Expert: Unlock the full potential of ReferWell by gaining in-depth knowledge on platform utilization. Discover tips and tricks that will elevate your efficiency.
  3. Build Stronger Relationships: Interact with the ReferWell team in a relaxed and informal setting. Strengthen your connections and get to know the faces behind the platform.
  4. Ask Questions Freely: Have questions? Our Refresh sessions provide a platform for informal Q&A, giving you the opportunity to get the answers you need.
  5. Voice Your Feedback: Your opinion matters! Share your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback on the platform. Stay informed about upcoming features and improvements.
  6. Learn Workflow Best Practices: Maximize your productivity with insights into workflow best practices. Discover how to streamline processes and optimize your experience.

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Upcoming Sessions

  • Monday, January 29th at 1pm
  • Friday, February 2nd at 10am
  • Monday, March 4th at 1pm
  • Friday, March 8th at 10am

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