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ReferWell and NexHealth Partner to Improve Referral Appointment Scheduling & Show Rate

Solution leverages healthcare’s referable moment to get more specialist appointments booked, completed and tracked

STAMFORD, Conn. and SAN FRANCISCO, May 4, 2022 — ReferWellSM, healthcare’s leader at the referable moment SM, announced a partnership with NexHealth, the Patient Experience Platform for doctors and developers. Together, the two companies make it easier for physicians to schedule patient referral appointments at the point of care and increase show rates at these specialist visits.

Through ReferWell’s technology-enabled service, health care providers and administrators have always been able to find the right specialist for the patient’s personalized needs and book that appointment at the referable moment—the point in time when a patient is ready to take action to improve his or her health—in this case, during the referring physician’s office visit.

During the patient visit, referring providers using ReferWell can see the availability of specialists using the NexHealth platform, and instantly book care.

“Through the NexHealth integration, we make the provider experience of scheduling at the referable moment a more seamless one,” said ReferWell CEO Vytas Kisielius. “We also improve the patient experience of appointment scheduling and make it twice as likely they will follow through with the recommended care.”

Patient adherence with referrals is critical, as half of all recommended referrals never happen.

ReferWell’s method of optimized referral search and appointment scheduling takes the burden of finding care off of patients and relieves some of the most common frustrations with healthcare delivery—and with NexHealth, it’s fast and simple to book appointments with the optimal provider, getting patients to follow through with care and sharing data about that care across providers.

“Pairing NexHealth with ReferWell gives specialist practices a new avenue to increase referral volume and simplify the patient experience of appointment scheduling, solving two significant pain points in health care.” said Alamin Uddin, NexHealth co-founder and CEO.

About ReferWell:

ReferWell is the only digital health company leveraging the referable momentSM—the point in time when a person is most ready to take action to improve their health—to improve access to care, increase health plans’ quality performance and reduce the total cost of care while improving the members’ experience and outcomes. ReferWell’s intuitive technology platform and skilled service team helps health plans and providers manage value and help more people get on, and stay on, their healthcare journey. ReferWell has grown to support more than 5 million covered lives across the U.S. with headquarters in Stamford, Conn.

About NexHealth:

NexHealth is the Patient Experience Platform helping thousands of doctors, hundreds of developers and millions of patients with EHR-integrated real-time online scheduling, patient communications, digital paperwork and more.

NexHealth was founded in 2017 by Alamin Uddin and Waleed Asif, both recognized by Forbes’ 30 under 30 in 2018 for health care innovation. NexHealth’s mission is to accelerate health care innovation by connecting patients, doctors and developers.


Jackie Simon, ReferWell

Hannah Moradi, NexHealth