Referable Moment:

/re • FER • a • ble  MO • ment/

The referable moment is the point in time when a person is ready to take action to improve their health.

Who Uses ReferWell?

Payers and provider networks covering more than 5 million lives
have managed 200,000 care transitions with ReferWell.

Health Plans

Improve Medicare Advantage and Medicaid member experience and care gap closure for quality improvement.

Accountable Care

Improve network adequacy across disparate EMRs while reducing costly transitions and eliminating leakage.

Health Centers

Improve access to care and identify new 340B revenue to support care for the community.

Health Systems

Strengthen relationships with community providers, direct care to the right hospital specialists and reduce revenue leakage.

Proven to Change Patient and Provider Behavior


Appointments scheduled at the point of care

Referral appointment


Increase in patient follow through with referral appointments


Increase in care gaps closed


Decrease in network leakage


Increase in specialists closing the loop

Network visibility


Increase in network visibility

Interoperability: ReferWell
Makes it Easy

ReferWell is fully HIPAA compliant and integrates with all of the major EMRs and scheduling platforms in order to facilitate the sharing of clinical data between providers to improve the coordination of care — all while wasting less time on the phone and fax. ReferWell supports all integration protocols including Direct, HL7, FHIR and more.

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