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ReferWell helps you with treatment, recovery and testing.

ReferWell Telehealth

Start scheduling and hosting virtual visits today.

ReferWell Telehealth helps you improve access to care by booking and conducting remote referral appointments all in one system. Providers may now use our telemedicine service free of charge. Take notes in the virtual session to easily share clinical notes back to the PCP to close the loop.

ReferWell Telehealth

Benefits of Telemedicine With ReferWell

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Improve Patient Access

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No Logins or Downloads

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Easy EMR Integration

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Ensure Proper Billing

Use ReferWell’s integrated telehealth to schedule and host, or connect an existing telehealth provider to ReferWell to schedule telehealth referrals.

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The AMA finds that 41% of people have skipped care during the pandemic, including 29% who missed a preventive care visit.

American Medical Association (AMA) Study

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ReferWell COVID Recovery

Improve Post-COVID Health Care Delivery

ReferWell improves access to care and reduces ED visits for members with chronic conditions and lapsed care due to COVID-19. ReferWell identifies high-risk members and care navigators call to schedule timely appointments for members with urgent care needs.

Physician practices have seen a 32% drop in care since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

American Medical Association (AMA) Study

Find and Receive Referrals for COVID Testing & Treatment

New COVID-Related Subspecialties in the ReferWell Platform

To help support the diagnosis and containment of COVID-19, ReferWell is making it easy to find facilities offering several types of COVID tests and treatments and let physician practices know if you offer these services. That includes: viral testing, antibody testing and monoclonal antibody treatments.

Local & National Resources & COVID-19 Tools

Our friends at Orderly Health built this COVID-19 Access Guide to help the public search for local resources. (Be sure to scroll down to check out the Smile section for some much-needed positivity.)

The American Medical Association’s Perspectives from the AMA podcast released an episode on best practices for reopening physician offices during COVID-19.